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Banjo Backup for Fiddle Tunes

There is a unique magic created by the fiddle and banjo playing together. Paul Warren and Earl Scruggs always featured a fiddle/banjo number on Flatt and Scruggs shows. Find out what Earl was doing on this month's sale DVD. Casey and Murphy introduce you to rolling backup to play behind fiddle tunes. Can also be applied to other songs that require rolling backup. On sale this month for $14.98. Watch a clip and order it here.

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We've recently updated our recommended song order for all levels of our DVDs. Because our method and material were developed over many years, we've found better ways to teach now than just plowing straight through each DVD. Take a minute to look over our ideal order for learning at every level:

Beginning Banjo Track

Intermediate Banjo Track

Advanced Banjo Track Part 1

Advanced Banjo Track Part 2

News and Notes

2016 Camps Registration Now Open:
To see details visit our camps page.

Women's Bluegrass Jam Camp - July 8-10

Women's Banjo Camp - July 29-31

New Camp Added for 2016: Chris Henry Mandolin Camp - Sept 23-25 

Beginning Banjo Camp - October 28-30

Listen to this song: Click here to go to Murphy's "Square Dance Song".

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