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Here's Mike Clement's description of bridge experiments on his
Trinity College mandola, and also
on a resonator guitar!


Hi Red,

I have emailed before for advice and have followed your recomendations, so an update for you.

Bridge on a Trinity college flattop mandola: I have drilled out the original bridge to see if the effects were worth persuing (natural sceptic!). Good results with tone, clarity and volume all seeing improvements. I will try to 'build' my own soon.

Resonators don't seem to figure on the website. My own wood bodied Vintage (tm) resonator with biscuit bridge sounded very lifeless, had little sustain and the tone was muddy. I used the same formula basically, I drilled five holes in between string spacings. Wow!, it's come to life. Sustain, clarity, string rasps and less of that 'honky' sort of sound. I am tempted to effect simillar changes to the biscuit itself. Have you any links or knowledge of people doing simillar modifications to resonators?

Must thank you for the web site and the inspiration to meet my need to tinker! Most of my instruments are inexpensive, the parts dealt with are relatively cheap if it all goes wrong, but these modifications deliver such good returns.

Many thanks


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