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Here's a description and photo from Andy Barnhart,
about the bridge he made
for his Rogue mandolin:


(On May 17th, Andy wrote:)

I don't think it is final, but it sounds so good and the action is perfect so I am afraid to keep tinkering. So maybe it is.

It has a bunch of extra string slots cut because I played with the idea of having it off center. It did make a difference; it muddled either the bass or treble strings. Centered is best.

It's on a cheap beginner package Rogue. The bridges on those come way too high and don't adjust low enough, plus they look ready to fall over at any minute and have nickel sized heavy adjuster screws. I replaced it with this and the sound is much cleaner and brighter and the action is unbelievable. I was surprised that I could get it that low without buzz on such a low end instrument.

My satisfaction with the mando went way up. I still want a nicer one, but the bridge is helping make this one work much better in the meantime.


Here's a photo of Andy's maple bridge:

picture of bridge on mandolin




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