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Here are two bridges, including a "crescent" bridge,
recently completed by Peter Holmes-Ray.


(Peter wrote:)

Hi Red,

I have made two bridges for my mandolins from your patterns. One winged and one crescent.

The winged bridge was for a Breedlove Quartz A style with tone bar bracing and was made from a 50 year old piece of very hard mahogany. The result is a marked improvement in volume and clarity. I stained the mahogany with ebony aniline dye to look good on the black mandolin.

The crescent bridge is on a mandolin made by Bill Neely in Damascus,Va. This mandolin is x braced. I made the crescent bridge from quarter sawn cherry. The crescent bridge really brought this mando alive. It has much better tone especially the bass. The trebles are bright and ringing and the sustain has been markedly increased.

I have included pictures of both mandolins.

Thank you for allowing the rest of us to download your work for our use.

Peter Holmes-Ray

picture of bridge on mandolin

picture of bridge on mandolin



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