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Here's Mike Black's description of his new bridge.


On August 12th, Mike wrote:

Hello Red, I just wanted to send you a couple of pictures of the bridge I made for my Mandolin. Thanks for the idea. I play a lot with this fiddler and I played with her then that night I made this and asked her the next morning if she noticed anything different when I played it. She was blown away, she thought that I had it plugged in or something. It got twice as loud and the whole top came alive. The strings almost sounded dead before I put that new bridge on.

Now WOW!!!! look out. I was playing at a jam that night and everyone couldn't believe how loud it was now. I have no problem hearing myself now. I was playing at a jam with someone else with a mando like mine and they were going to join in but they couldn't hear themselves. Mine was screaming away. I made the treble side a bit thicker because of something that Peter Coombe said awhile back about getting more mass on the treble side. I'm going to make another one (because the bass side was a little too low, when I get on it and spank it)and will make it the same thickness to see if it really makes a difference. Thanks again! Mike Black

Here are two photos of Mike's bridge:

picture of mandolin

picture of bridge on mandolin



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