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This is Cameron's description of his new bridge, as posted to the CoMando list on July 31st.

He installed this bridge on a Kimble-built Red Diamond kit.


On July 31st, Cameron wrote:

This bridge has indeed increased the volume of this already great sounding mandolin. It has quicker response and more powerful/effortless chopchords. The maple bridge seems to have taken the tonal qualities of this mandolin and augmented them.

Total length of this bridge is 4 1/8". Each foot is 1 1/4" long. Front to back width of bridge is 1/4". Saddle part is 5/32". front to back. I didn't have a scale to weigh it; but will get one for the next maple bridge I make(soon); and I'll try to make it more like Red's #12. I would have made this one like #12, but I can't keep up with the new designs!

Also I need to go back and fit the feet a little better; I got anxious to try it out... I am going to leave more/heavier overhang of the saddle part on my next attempt, as I feel they might help drive the top as Red has explained.

The mandolin really vibrates with this bridge; and I put on a tonegard(didn't want my bod soaking up all that energy) and string-silencers for below the bridge and above the nut too!

I believe we are witnessing a true evolutionary refinement to the mandolin with this type bridge. I plan on making many more (looking for a deal on belt sander and maybe a scroll saw).

This type of bridge is what I was looking for when I made my aluminum bridge saddles and other bridge/saddle experiments. You owe it to yourself and your mandolin/mandola/cello to try out one of these bridges. I'm sold on the maple, but open minded of other materials/woods.

I have a couple pictures of my version of the Henry VIII Power Bridge;a shot of a hot young picker to watch for;and a bonus dawggie shot at:

Scroll down to "Henry Maple Bridge".


This is a photo of Cameron's bridge, as posted on his website.

picture of bridge on mandolin



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