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Here's Dennis Elliott's description
of his new mandocello,
which he converted from a Kay archtop guitar.

Hey Red,

I finally made the Mandocello!

It was made from an old Kay Guitar. Nothing fancy - plywood top.

The neck wood seemed a bit soft but it seems to be holding (at least for now). The neck is steel reinforced, but not adjustable. It was warped when I got it, but I removed the fingerboard and sanded out the warp.

The first time that I reset the neck it slipped, so I added some screws to reinforce on the 2nd go around.

I did not remove the frets, so I drilled 2 holes around the 15th fret to steam the neck loose. This was my 1st time to steam a neck loose, so I was really nervous, but it worked out fine. I may one day get around to covering those holes, but for now… I’ll just pick it!

I used your neck specs. I left the neck a bit fatter in back than I would have liked, but again I was a little worried about neck warpage.

It sounds nice and full!

Thanks for the Inspiration, Red!!!


picture of mandocello

picture of mandocello

picture of mandocello

picture of mandocello headstock

picture of mandocello - heel of the neck

picture of mandocello back

picture of mandocello

picture of mandocello

picture of mandocello

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