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Ampex parts for sale!

Most were removed from working equipment.

Many useful parts for your tube Ampex 350-351-300-400 projects!

Revised August, 2104
Note: I will hold parts for ONE WEEK only, pending payment!

Email me for details or to hold equipment.

At present I have no extra Ampex head assemblies available. I do have the following parts:

1. NICE 351 transport, including your choice of high-speed (7.5/15 ips) or low-speed (3.75/7.5) capstan motor. Comes with a roll-around cabinet if you want it, but no head assembly. The transport is $200.00, pick-up only at my place near Winchester, Virginia, or you may have your shipping company come here and pack it for shipment. (In that case, I will remove the capstan motor and the tape idler assembly for separate packing.)

2. Pinch rollers for 350/351. Used but in very good condition, usually available, $30.00 each. Also an Ampex 1" pinch roller for 351/300/440 8-track, used but in very good condition, $60.00.

3. Neon Record lights for 350/351, new. $12.00. **
 Temporarily out of stock.

4. Several sets of standard Ampex locking reel hold-downs, 
decent and working $30 pair, better pairs $40 to $50, one really nice pair available for $ 60.

5. 350/351 mono half-track play head, mounted in shell, $10.00 plus shipping. [SOLD]

6. Ampex 300/350/351 brake assembly, specify supply or takeup side, good condition with solenoid, $20.00 each or $35.00 for the pair, plus shipping.

7. One large solenoid for 300/350/351 capstan idler or flywheel drive, and several small solenoids for 300/350/351 brakes, all removed from working equipment, $15.00 each plus shipping.

7. 300/350/351 transport control relays and the large adjustable reel-tension resistors, most $10.00 each plus shipping.

8. Replacement knobs, switches, and other parts for 350-351 electronics, most parts cheap. Small round knobs for 350/351 input selector switch, $3.00 to $5.00 each. Medium-sized knobs for 350/351 Meter & Output switch and speed-eq switch, $5.00 each when available. Large knobs for Record and Playback level are sometimes available. All these knobs go in and out of stock-- email me to inquire. (No large knobs currently available.)

9. Also available-- Spare tubes for Ampex 350, 351 and other gear. I usually have some 12SJ7, 6F6, 6C5, and 6J5, all used in 350 and 400 electronics. A few 6SN7 also. Several 12AU7, 12AX7, 12AT7, and many others for 351 electronics and others, in good condition but untested, $3.00 each. Check with me for what you need.

Shipping for small parts and tubes is by First Class Mail (Priority Mail if over 13 oz., usually $6.80 and up).
On large or heavy parts or equipment, NO SHIPPING, pick-up only near Winchester, Va.

Ask me about other miscellaneous Ampex 300/350/351 parts you need, because I may have them.

Drop me a line any time!

Contact: Red Henry

Click here to email Red for information, or to hold equipment.



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