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Here's an excellent report from Al Smith
on the maple bridges he's made.

(On Dec. 30, 2007, Al wrote:)


Just a quick email to confirm what I have been reading about mandolin bridge design on your website.

I have built about 20 different bridges starting with your original "11 hole" design. The last one I built (before today) was on my mandolin for about six months and was awesome. It was not too different from your latest "violin bridge" design except for having two 3/8" holes near the center of the bridge almost centered under the A nd D strings and about 3/4" apart. (no pix). I had decided that bridge was as good as it could get. People couldn't believe the sound and volume from that thing. I had pickers coming by saying "Man! What kind of mandolin have you got there? I can hear it over everything else going on in here!" (In a large roon with several other bands jamming at the same time) .Anyhow, after seeing your "fiddle bridge" design , I had to try it just to satisfy my curiousity. (My mandolin is a C.E Ward custom built). Today I built and installed your "fiddle bridge" and it IS better. A little sweeter than my previous bridge and still has the same awesome volume and punch. I am pleased!

From my experience with numerous bridges, I believe that your "fiddle style" bridge is absolutely as good as it is going to get. It will bring out all the sound in a mandolin if properly constructed and installed. Assuming the installer knows how to set up and tweak for perfect intonation, etc. Anybody wanting to get the max from his mando, I advise him to IGNORE EVERYTHING else he has seen and just build the "fiddle bridge" like the pix on your website.THERE IS NOTHING BETTER.

Best regards, may this New Year be good to you and the family,

Al Smith


On 12-31-07, Al added:

Hello Red,

Thanks for your email. I am really enjoying the "fiddle bridge" on my Ward Mando. Man! Is that thing responsive! And sweet! It has warm mellow tones I was not hearing on previous bridges. I highly recommend the "fiddle bridge" to all mando players whether they build one or buy one from you. I don't have any pix at the moment but will make some soon. Feel free to post or use any of my emails and remarks on your website. I can also vouch for the maple bridge wood you sell. It is fine! (I believe I am on my third "chunk")

Regards, Al Smith




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