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Here are some emails and photos from Brett King,
about his bridges made from maple and bamboo:


(On October 3rd, Brett wrote:)

Dear Red,

I have an Eastman 615 mandolin that I really love. I am just starting to aquire an ear for a good sound. In my short 9 months I've tried to get around some guys and gals that can play well and have good or should I say better instruments. I have a good friend that has a Gibson F-9 and another friend who has a Johnson 350. Definitely no comparison. Not being able to afford even the low end Gibson right now my Johnson friend and I set out to get as much sound as we could out of our instruments... Finally we found your web site and I began making bridges. Currently I made about 5 that have all made the instrument they're on sound better.

All of my bridges have been made of maple, with one having a bone top and one that looks like a propeller. That one was hard to make. I took your advice and kept trying new designs and different woods. My latest bridge is an 11 hole made of Bamboo. Believe it or not my wife has some cooking utinsels that are made of bamboo. I can't believe how hard and light this wood is. Now I know what you're thinking, but I didn't make a bridge out of a wooden spoon. It did cross my mind though. The thing is it wasn't big enough. ... Bamboo is like natural fiberglass and the once great Howard Hill thought it was the best material to use when laminating a bow.

Right now I will stick with the 11 hole bamboo. I do have more bass but still not as much as the F-9 and real close on mid-range. I just hope we aren't going to be putting a 11 hole bamboo on the F-9.

Thank you so much for the hard work and effort that you have put toward these experiments that have made my mandolin and so many others sound better and for unselfishly sharing your results with the world.

Brett King

(On October 4th, Brett added:

The one under the strings on top of the mandolin is the bamboo, the other two are maple with one having the bone top... By the way. the curved bridge was my least favorite, The bone top was good and got a few looks. It's different. The bamboo was easiest to make and sounds best of all the bridges I've made.

Three Rivers Archery supply is a good place to get bamboo. Just type in Three Rivers Archery supply and go to bow building. I hope this helps. Thanks !! ...


Here are photos of Brett's bridges:

picture of mandolin

picture of mandolin

picture of mandolin



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