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Here's a note and photo from Rick Lindstrom,
about his new bridge:


(On September 3rd, Rick wrote:)

Hi Red-

Just wanted to tell you that I spent the afternoon making one of your basic 11 hole maple bridges for my Fullerton Gloucester, and the results are really amazing. The thing I notice most is that the mando is very balanced now with the trebles really coming out. I imagine if I ever get around to putting new strings on it, it'll be really nice- it still has the same crappy import strings on it as it did when I bought it 8 months or so ago...

I figured that the Fullerton would make a great test bed for your bridge, and it did. If I can put it down long enough, I may build bridges for the Bridger and the Yellowstone.

Thanks for all the wonderful development you've done on these bridges, and for making it available to the world at large.





Here's a photo of Rick's bridge:

picture of mandolin



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