Beginning Banjo Volume 2: Continue your exciting banjo journey with some slightly harder tunes chocked full of new licks. Venture higher up the neck to bend the strings for that classic bluegrass “choke” lick. Step-by-step you’re becoming a banjo player! And, it’s getting easier! No Tab.

Foggy Mountain Breakdown (high break), Lonesome Road Blues, Old Joe Clark, Salt Creek, and Fireball Mail. (1 hour 45 minutes)

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Salt Creek Lesson Error

In the Salt Creek lesson, Murphy neglects to mention a couple of fill-in notes at the end of the first phrase in the A part.

In the first phrase, in preparing to do the F lick:
Index finger on 1st fret of 2nd string. Pick that then...
There is an open 5th string and an open 1st string just prior to doing the pull off in the F lick.

Sorry for the omission!