*Come learn in person: Women's Banjo Camp, July 30-Aug 1 in Winchester, Va

Minor Chords DVD cover

Brand New Release:
Minor Chords

E minor? A minor? D minor? Where the heck are they on the banjo? How do I find them? And what about all the other minor chords? Where are they? This video explains all that in Murphy’s down-to-earth teaching style. Which is to say, she makes it understandable. It’s everything you wanted to know about minor chords: how to find them and use them.  Watch a clip and order it here.

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Half-Price DVD of the Month:
Kickstart Your Jamming

With things starting to open up again you may find yourself in some jams this summer! Are your jam skills rusty? Brust up on your improvising (which just means playing a break on a song that you don't have a pre-learned break for) with this fabulous DVD/download.  Watch a clip and order it here.


Murphy Henry

Murphy Henry Featured on Bluegrass Unlimited Podcast

In Bluegrass Unlimited Magazine's weekly podcast episode host Dan Miller talks with Murphy Method co-founder Murphy Henry about her by-ear learning method and the banjo camps she hosts in Winchester, Va.   Listen to it here, or on your favorite podcast platform.

Newest DVD!

Minor Chords DVD cover

New Last Year

Improvising in 3/4 Time Cover

Start Out Right!

New Beginning Banjo 1 cover 

Guitar Basics

Beginning Guitar cover

Mandolin Basics

Beginning Mandolin cover

Ned Luberecki

Ned Luberecki cover 

Which DVD Comes Next?

We've recently updated our recommended song order for all levels of our DVDs. Because our method and material were developed over many years, we've found better ways to teach now than just plowing straight through each DVD. Take a minute to look over our ideal order for learning at every level. These are for the original releases of the DVDs. If you have NEW Beginning Banjo 1, 2, and 3 just go straight through, and don't stray from the path!

Beginning Banjo Track

Intermediate Banjo Track

Advanced Banjo Track Part 1

Advanced Banjo Track Part 2

News and Notes

2021 Camps Dates:
 We hold our camps in Winchester, Va. Murphy and Casey Henry will be your teachers. To see details visit our camps page. As far as we know right now all three camps will proceed live and in-person, with masks and distancing in place.

Intermediate Banjo Camp - June 11-13

Women's Banjo Camp - July 30-Aug 1

Beginning/Intermediate Banjo Camp - Nov. 5-7

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Murphy and Casey Henry
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