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Red's new CD, hot off the press!

Helton Creek CD cover

Red Henry -- Helton Creek

Seven years after his first mandolin CD, here's Red's brand-new project. Mostly recorded in Nashville and featuring a cast of excellent pickers, Helton Creek includes original and traditional bluegrass numbers, great but little-known fiddle tunes, songs and tunes by Bill Monroe and Frank Wakefield, and one of Red's great stories. Includes: Helton Creek, Toy Heart, Flood of '57, Shawnee Land, Yellow Barber, Lucky Charms Waltz, Bitter Creek, High on a Mountain, and many more.
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The Red & Chris CD, father-and-son bluegrass!

Red and Chris CD cover

Red and Chris -- Bluegrass and Folk Music and Other Light Entertainment

Red and Christopher Henry have been performing as a duo at folk festivals for the last few years. On this new CD, they play and sing their favorite numbers with mandolins and guitar. Red also contributes two of the hilarious stories which enliven their stage show. Includes: Cold Winter's Night, Tallahassee, Gospel Snakes, Red Wing, Big Jim Folsom, The Kennesaw Line, Blue Night, Abraham Washington, Bouncing on the Moon, Red's Zeppelin, and more.
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Bluegrass Mandolin and Other Trouble Ad

Red's first mandolin CD!

Red Henry -- Bluegrass Mandolin and Other Trouble

Red Henry, Murphy's husband, has been playing mandolin since the 1960's. A Bluegrass Unlimited magazine review once called Red "one of the most prolific interpreters of Monroe-style mandolin picking," but Red also writes original tunes which preserve the intensity of Monroe's music. Most of these numbers were written by Red or other members of the Red and Murphy bluegrass band. Murphy plays banjo throughout, and sings three of her great original songs. This CD features 22 numbers:



Little Big Mon / Sleepy-Eyed John / Hundred and Six Star Rag / The Darling Daughter / Clermont's Revenge / Just Because / Red's Zeppelin / Raw Hide / Two Hands on the Wheel / Redwood City / Bluegrass Breakdown / Lonesome Moonlight Waltz / Two of a Kind / Granite Hill / Redwood City PM / Real Time Reel / Kiss It, Khomeini / Margaret / Perfect Mason / Red's Zeppelin (live) / Grandpa Rock On / and Raw Hide (live).

From the liner notes: "Good original material has always been a hallmark of Red and Murphy, and most of these numbers were written by Red or other members of the band. These selected recordings, the best of Red's work, were made at many times and places, featuring some of the best pickers in the country. So as you listen be ready for some great bluegrass mandolin...and other trouble."


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