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The Grove Park Catalogue of Galaxies


The Grove Park Catalogue of Milky Way Globular Clusters

The Grove Park Catalog of Galaxies includes summary visual descriptions of about 1,850 objects, most of which are north of 40 degrees south declination. NGC or other designations are given for each galaxy, along with a visual description including size, shape, brightness, change of brightness toward the center, a nucleus if any, orientation, nearby objects, and similar remarks.

The Grove Park Catalog of Milky Way Globular Clusters includes nearly 100 Milky Way globulars, most of which were observed with both 10" and 17.5" reflectors at a variety of magnifications. Visual descriptions for each cluster include size, shape, brightness, concentration, shape of outlying star patterns, any red stars seen in the cluster, and any other remarkable characteristics. For the larger and brighter clusters, additional observations are often recorded with smaller telescopes, including 3", 4.25", and 6" reflectors.

Picture of telescope These two catalogues were compiled using the large telescope pictured at right. This 17.5" f/4.5 Dobsonian reflector featured Coulter factory mirrors mounted in a homebuilt tube assembly with modified Coulter factory mount. An original feature of this telescope was a mirror-cell adjustment mechanism which allowed easy collimation of the primary mirror by the observer at the eyepiece.

From 1984 to 1986, observations were made from a good dark-sky observing location near Gainesville, Florida. Beginning in 1986, observations were continued from another excellent dark location in Frederick County, Virginia.

Most observations in both catalogues were made using either a Nagler 13mm eyepiece (which yielded 154x and a very wide 32' true field of view) or a Nagler 9mm eyepiece (which gave 222x and a 22' true field).

Some observations of southern globular clusters and galaxies were made using a 10" Dobsonian reflector, with which the two Nagler eyepieces yielded 88x and 127x respectively.

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We hope to post the globular cluster catalogue in the future.

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