Casey Henry
Casey Henry with her Signature Model Kel Kroydon. Photo by Dan Loftin. November 2007
Murphy and Casey Henry
Photo of Murphy (playing her Murphy Flower) and Casey (playing the Nedski model) from the photo shoot for a November 2007 Stelling Banjos ad. Photo by Dan Loftin.
Chris Henry and band
Chris Henry and friends at the Station Inn. Charlie Cushman, Mike Bub, Chris Henry, and Shawn Camp. January 16, 2008.
Red and Murphy and Their Excellent Children
Red and Murphy and Their Excellent Children publicity photo from 2001. L-R Chris (20), Murphy, Casey (23), Red.
Chris and Casey Henry
Chris and Casey Henry in the second and last official publicity photo for their short-lived (but brilliant, if we do say so ourselves) band the Two-Stringers.
Red and Murphy, Casey and Chris with Willard Scott
Red and Murphy provided some background music for a Today Show segment with Willard Scott, filmed at White Post, Va. in 1989. L-R Casey (11 years old), Red, Murphy, Willard Scott, Chris (8 years old)
Red, Murphy, Casey and Chris Henry
Our first performance as (the yet-to-be-named) Red and Murphy and Their Excellent Children at Gore Elementary School, where Casey and Chris were both enrolled. Casey was eight; Chris was five.
Red and Chris Henry
Red and Chris Henry in a shot from their "Red and Chris" CD cover photo shoot. Photo by Dan Loftin.
Red and Murphy and Company
Publicity photo also from 1981 Back: Nancy Hicks, Tuck Tucker, Laurie Hicks. Kneeling: Red, Murphy
Red and Murphy and Company
Publicity photo from 1981. L-R Nancy Hicks, Red, Tuck Tucker, Murphy, Laurie Hicks
Murphy and Red Henry
Murphy and Red from the cover of the "Learning to Hear Chord Changes" DVD. 2006
Red Henry, Nancy Hicks, Murphy Henry
Cover shot from the "My Everyday Silver is Plastic" LP. Red Henry, Nancy Hicks, and Murphy Henry.
Red and Murphy and Company
Cover image from the "Fast Picks and Hot Licks" LP. Nancy Hicks, Murphy and Red Henry, Argen Hicks.
Red and Murphy Henry
Red and Murphy 1985. Back to a duo.
Murphy and Red Henry, Argen Hicks
Cover photo from the "Riding Around on Saturday Night" LP. Murphy and Red Henry, Argen Hicks.
John Hedgecoth, Mike Johnson, et al
Chuck Lamb, Wyndell Merritt, John Hedgecoth, Mike Johnson, and Red Henry, jamming 1969.
Murphy and Red Henry
Murphy and Red in a shot from the "I Ain't Domesticated Yet" LP cover photo shoot.
Chris Henry with Ampexes
Chris Henry in front of dad Red's Ampex tape machines, circa 1985.
Mike Johnson and Murphy Henry
Mike Johnson and Murphy Henry in the studio in the late-seventies.
Murphy and Red Henry
Red and Murphy's first duo publicity picture, and one of the few times you can see Red's teeth when he smiles!
Casey, Chris, Murphy and Red
This is the only time you'll ever, ever see us dressed like this: black tie for a friend's wedding. Casey, Chris, Murphy, and Red Henry.
Casey and Chris and the Two-Stringers
The Two-Stringers' first official publicity photo. Tyler Grant, Amanda Kowalski, Chris Henry, Casey Henry. Januray 2005
John Hedgecoth and Mike Johnson
Red's Uncle John Hedgecoth and friend Mike Johnson, trying something new. 1969
Johnson Mountain Boys
Red Henry sitting-in with the Johnson Mountain Boys. 1987. Richard Underwood, Earl Phillips, David McLaughlin, Red, Eddie Stubbs.