Beyond Vamping: Fancy Banjo Backup: Ho-hum. Yawn. Bored with vamping? Wish there was something you could do to spice things up? There is! This DVD starts off with a couple of simple vamp decorations and then moves on to those fancy backup licks you hear on record. We don’t just teach you the licks, we show you how to put them into songs. All taught note-for-note. Backup will never be boring again! No tab.

Many backup licks and full backup patterns to: I'm Thinking Tonight of My Blue Eyes, Bury Me Beneath The Willow, Titanic, and Will The Roses Bloom. (These backup licks also fit many other songs with the same chord patterns.) (2 hours, 30 minutes)

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Customer Comments

"I started on your Backup Video last night. It is WONDERFUL and exactly what I need. I love the way you are teaching it. I have wanted to learn this material for so long. It had become SO TIRING just to vamp, even though I did learn to slide back and forth between the different positions." -Martha in Georgia

"By no means am I an expert. I got your DVD on Beyond Vamping and it has to be the world's greatest training video. Casey you outdid yourself. Thanks for making it easier to play the banjo. Every one should own it. So Thanks Again!" -Ron in Maryland

"Casey and Murphy…you have really done it this time!!! Got my Beyond Vamping: Fancy Banjo Backup DVD for Father’s Day. It is GREAT!!! It is exactly what I have been looking for…instruction on how to plug in back up licks. All the other books and DVDs are long on teaching the mechanics of playing licks while being very short on instruction as to where and how to put them into songs. While I have practiced most of these licks for a while, I have had limited success in actually using them in my playing or jamming. This DVD starts simple and immediately gives practical practice application with the play along and songs. It then builds into more complex licks I have been dying to learn and use. I have about 8-10 of your DVDs that have helped me immensely from playing by ear to learning individual songs. This DVD provides an important bridge in my banjo pursuit and I cannot recommended it highly enough, Thanks a bunch." -Jim (via the blog)