Flatpicking Lead Guitar: Okay. And what is flatpicking? you ask. Flatpicking is playing the melody of the song, note by note, using your guitar pick. It’s also called “playing lead guitar.” It’s what you would do if you were “trading breaks” with another instrumentalist. (Watch the video clip!)

If you are a rhythm guitar player, this how you can take a bigger part in playing instrumentals. Now, you can take a solo—just like the banjo or fiddle!

To get you going, we start out with a simple arrangement of the well-known “Old Joe Clark.” Each song is broken into phrases and each note and each pick stroke (up or down) is explained. We keep it simple as we move through several other tunes, all from the traditional bluegrass and flatpicking repertoire. These tunes are played in jam sessions everywhere! Go for it! No Tab.

Old Joe Clark, Sally Goodwin, Soldier's Joy, Arkansas Traveler. (70 minutes)

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